Reference Materials

In no particular order for now:

The simplest resistance tactic is right at your fingertips and it only takes a minute, Daily Kos, January 3, 2017 — A handy list of the district office contact info of all Members of Congress. Find your Representative and Senators here. No excuses.

#ReportHate — Southern Poverty Law Center’s online form for reporting witnessed or experienced hate incidents. If you witness or are the target of a hate incident, report it to local law enforcement first. Reporting such incidents to SPLC as well via this form will help them monitor patterns of hate incidents nationwide. This is vitally important to maintaining a clear perspective on the current social situation.

Indivertible Guide — Companion to the Indivisible Guide to dealing with Congress (below), this guide (pdf, free download) written by volunteers of The Fucking News, a project by veterans of The Daily Show and Countdown w/Keith Olbermann offers a deep and detailed explanation of exactly why television news is so bad and why the badness matters, what bad journalism and good journalism respectively look like, and a precise practical guide to using social media to build real influence to redirect and reclaim tv news shows.

Indivisible Guide — A practical guide (pdf, free download) on how constituents can organize for effective communication with members of Congress, compiled by a volunteer group of former Capitol Hill staffers. In-progress volunteer project. Sign up for email alerts of updated versions.

Ur-Fascism, Umberto Eco, NY Review of Books, June 22, 1995 — Eco’s essay on the universal patterns of fascist systems and groups based on history and his own personal experience of fascist Italy. A profound explanation of how to tell if what we are dealing with is actually fascism or not.

We’re heading into dark times. This is how to be your own light in the Age of Trump, Sarah Kendzior, The Correspondent — In case it actually is fascism, this insightful article describes the deeply personal betrayals — including betrayals of self — we may face and the need to maintain our own moral compass in living as dissidents, something few Americans can imagine.

2017 — Trump — Are We Ready To Rise?, Otto Scharmer, MIT, Tsinghua University, Huffington Post, 12/27/2016 — A science-brained analysis of the present US political/social situation and the closed, fundamentalist mindset that got us here, with a proposal of a counter-mindset to guide actions in opposition and reclamation of our society.

Are Americans Ready For a Municipalist Movement?, Alexander Kolokotronis, ROAR, Truthdig, 12/3/2016 — An intriguing argument (also made in a different setting by former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg) for cities and counties as the practical locus of social change, climate action, and the defense of democracy, globally.