About This

Muravyets is all about world-building. It began as an exercise in art, drama, literature, but as so often happens, life imitates art. We find ourselves at one of those “instigating events,” as they say in the writing racket, one of those opening scenes where the protagonists are swinging along, singing a song, when some bastard villain blows their whole world up. The days of skittles and make-believe are over suddenly. Chaos reigns, and the race is on to see which team will be the ones to sort it out.

And strangely, that brings us back to art. To ideas. To visions and speculations and seat-of-the-pants experiments. To world-building.

Most people think of world-building as a fussy little exercise of fantasy/sci-fi writers creating backgrounds for their adventures, but in fact, we all build worlds every day, in all walks of life. Artists do it. A romantic landscape and a futurist collage present two very different realities. Historians certainly do it. Propagandists have done it again and again, with varying success. Marketers are masters of it. And then we get into the sciences, into agriculture, industry, war, economics, etc., all building world after world.

Oh, no, world-building isn’t just about telling stories.

Especially not now. Not anymore.

On November 8, 2016, a new story began, and a bunch of bastard villains rushed forward to set their plot in motion. But I don’t intend to let them write this story all by themselves.

Extremism. Rising fascism. International conflict. Violent and divisive propaganda. Corruption and inequality. The global environment spinning out of control all around us. Confusion and dismay. The Bad Guys seizing power, and cries for Resistance echoing everywhere.

If ever there was a time to talk about building worlds, this is it.

Look here for essays on practical and philosophical matters. For readings on issues and action. For celebrations and condemnations. For handy product/service reviews. For gossip and news from my various social circles, all of whom are increasingly obsessed with futures near and far.

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Fair Warning

Muravyets is a blog belonging to me, Jen Fries, surrealist artist and amateur novelist. I have very decided opinions, and so do all my friends. We are for the environment, civil rights, the rule of law, social justice and equality. We are against fascism, corporatism, consumerism, and the corruption, exploitation, and destruction that come with those vicious ideologies. There is no room for those things in the world we are building.