Be It Resolved: Never let the bastards get you down


Happy New Year and welcome to the third incarnation of the blog Muravyets, a journal about building the world.

This blog began as a free-form hang-out for a group of my friends, then followed our interests into art, drama, literature, and now, as life imitates art, it becomes a journal of life in conflict.

We find ourselves at one of those “instigating events,” as they say in the writing racket, one of those opening scenes where the protagonists are swinging along, singing a song, when some bastard villain ups and explodes their whole world. On November 8, 2016, a new story began with a bunch of bastard villains rushing forward to set their plot in motion. Our days of beer and skittles are suddenly ended. Chaos erupts, and the race is on to see which team will be the one to sort it all out.

The shock of which brought me back to my friends’ hobby of creating realities. Back to ideas. To visions and speculations and seat-of-the-pants experiments. To world-building.

Most people think of world-building as a fussy little exercise of fantasy/sci-fi writers creating backgrounds for their adventures, but in fact, we all build worlds every day, in all walks of life. Artists do it — a romantic landscape and a futurist collage present two very different realities. Historians certainly do it. Propagandists have done it again and again, with varying success. Marketers are masters of it. And then we get into the sciences, agriculture, industry, war, economics, etc., all building world after world.

And look at the world so far:

Extremism. Rising fascism. International conflict. Violent and divisive propaganda. Corruption and inequality. The global environment spinning out of control all around us. The Bad Guys seizing power. Cries for Resistance echoing everywhere.

And also advances in science, medicine and technology. Demographic change. Generational change. New voices. New energy. New thinking.

Everything is moving. Everything is open to challenge and improvement.

If ever there was a moment to talk about building worlds, this is it. And I, for one, do not intend to let the bastard villains write the story this time.

So this will be the new Muravyets — a journal of making order out of chaos, of change, resistance, and appropriately tonight, resolutions.

For those seeking  sense of perspective with which to enter 2017:

Thirteen undeniably good things that happened in 2016, courtesy of PBS Newshour:

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See you soon — Mura.

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